Now a chartered flight for Pawan

Mad about doing a film with Pawan Kalyan, Dil Raju is making re-make of hindi block buster ‘Pink’. Though Dil Raju was told that casting Pawan Kalyan is costly, he could not see anything before Pawan’s craze. That’s why he agreed not only to give Pawan Kalyan more remuneration than the film’s budget but also accepted Pawan’s condition that he will do shooting only for two hours every day. With Pawan balancing both the movies and the politics, a producer like Dil Raju find himself in a tight spot.

Dil Raju, who is considered firm in all matters, is calm while dealing with Pawan. The latest news about Dil Raju’s costly offering to Pawan Kalyan is shocking for all. Pawan is doing movies in the morning and politics in the evening. He has to be in Hyderabad in the morning and go to Amaravati in the evening. For Pawan’s comfort, Dil Raju has arranged a chartered flight. Dil Raju appears to have gone crazy for doing the movie with Pawan, who is using the special chartered flight for shooting as well as for politics. Dil Raju is said to be spending daily Rs.4 lakh for this chartered flight. As long as Pawan attends shooting with such an expenditure, this will definitely set Dil Raju’s pulse racing every day.

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