NTR’s conditions for hosting Big Boss 3

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Compared with Big Boss 1, the Big Boss 2 was not popular among viewers. The reason was Nani being the host and winner being known in just two to three weeks. That’s why this time Big Boss producers are taking all precautions to avoid such mistakes.

There are reports that intense efforts are being made to rope in NTR as the host for the third season. They are trying their best to persuade Tark who is currently busy with the shooting of #RRR and also trying to convince Rajamouli so that they can go ahead with this season. It’s not yet clear if Tarak hosts the show or not. However, he is said to have laid down the condition that this time the list of participants should be good.

He is said to have told the producers that last time the show was spoiled by bringing in recommended personalities but this time people who suit for the game should be brought. NTR wants that participants should be both from glamour world and also from various fields. He also said to have put forth the condition that not just people from film industry but people from different fields should be made part of the game. He wants to first see the list of participants and depending on this will decide whether he will do the show or not.

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