Sam says ‘Oh Baby’ is not comedy film

Oh Baby Samantha

‘Oh Baby’ featuring Samantha will be released in next few days. Sam revealed many things during an interview given as part of the film’s promotion. “There will be a smile from the starting frame in Oh Baby. In almost 90 per cent of the movie I keep smiling. However, in the climax I become somewhat emotional. Except that the entire film runs on comedy. This is a celebration for the entire family. We thought more people will connect with the comedy but many people in the climax connected to the emotions.”

So far the film has been watched by 200 people. All of them cried after watching it. Samantha said ‘Oh Baby’ was screened for some people in the industry and some friends and all of them connected well with the emotions. So far the film was promoted as comedy entertainer but now we started saying that it also has emotions, she said.

Sam said she worked very hard for this movie. She believes that without Rajendra Prasad’s cooperation and background music by Miky Jay Mayer the film was not possible. When asked if this movie will have sequel, this was how she replied “I told director Nandini Reddy that I can’t act in sequel. I made it clear that if they plan to make sequel they should look for somebody else.”

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