Pawan Kalyan ready for Krish movie?

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We have been hearing for quite some time that Pawan Kalyan will make re-entry into films but he is not opening his mouth anywhere to make things clear on this. However, some people say that Pawan Kalyan is listening to the stories. They even say that Pawan is getting ready to do a film with Krish. Krish is also said to have a story in tune with Pawan Kalyan’s heroism and even got Pawan Kalyan’s consent.

There is a talk in film circles that both for politics and movies, Pawan Kalyan is on dieting and trying to get the body into shape. Stories are doing round in film circles that Pawan Kalyan-Krish movie will be launched on November 15. With A. M. Ratnam as the producer and Krish as the director, Pawan Kalyan’s re-entry movie is said to be surely on track. For this movie to be launched on November 15, Pawan Kalyan is reported to be strictly on diet and taking only liquids to shed the extra weight. It is being said that after Krish movie, Pawan Kalyan will also be doing remake of ‘Pink’. Unless this movie is completed one can’t say if Pawan, who is busy in politics, will be available for movies or not.

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