Pawan marching ahead with jet speed

Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan’s re-entry into films has expedited the shooting of Pink re-make. Even Dil Raju is finding it tough to keep pace with Pawan Kalyan. Pawan has one leg here and the other leg there. Since he has to manage politics and movies, he is trying to leave his mark in both. Besides Dil Raju’s Pink re-make Pawan is also acting in Krish’s film. This is the first time Pawan is doing the films at this speed. Krish has started his film but regular shooting will begin in February. Meanwhile, Pawan has speeded up Pink remake shooting. Since no major makeover is required for Pink remake, Pawan is continuing his political look.

However, Pawan will have to change his looks for Krish movie. There is a buzz on social media that even before Krish movie went to the sets, Pawan is signing another film. The reports have not revealed the name of the producer and director and they merely say Pawan will be doing a film. It is said that Pawan will be acting in a film based on the story of a freedom fighter like Chiru’s movie ‘Sye Raa’. He is said to be donning the role of freedom fighter Pandaga Sayanna. According to the talk on social media, Pawan will be playing the key role in the movie based on the life story of Pandaga Sayanna. No one had anticipated Pawan doing the movies at this speed. This third movie will begin soon after Pink remake and Krish movie.

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