Pawan plans to do two films at one time

It’s only till power star Pawan Kalyan enters the scene, once he enters the rivals have to flee. This is the reply from Pawan’s fans. Pawan Kalyan, who is supporting capital (Amaravati) farmers, will soon go to the sets of ‘Pink’ remake. Pawan is looking to become busy in films after handing over party reins to his right and left hands JD Lakshminarayana and Rapaka. Pawan wanted to do films without leaving the politics. Since doing films in current politics is difficult, he is said to be taking a short break from politics to do films.

‘Pink’ remake to be made under the banner of Dil Raju and direction of Venu Sriram is going to be officially launched on January 20. As ‘Pink’ was a hit in Hindi and Tamil, there are huge expectations from ‘Pink’ re-make with Pawan Kalyan as the hero. In view of the craze surrounding Pawan’s re-entry, ‘Pink’ remake looks like hot cake. There is a talk that apart from ‘Pink’ remake, Pawan will also start working in Krish’s movie and he will parallel do both ‘Pink’ remake and Krish’s movie. As Venu Sriram and Krish both are ready with their respective cinema scripts, Pawan is said to have decided to do both the films simultaneously. After both the films, Pawan plans to become once again active in politics. That’s why there is a talk that he will do both ‘Pink’ remake and Krish movie at one time.

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