Pawan racing against the time

Pawan Kalyan has to quickly do movies and with the same speed has to become busy in the politics. He wanted to do both films and politics at the same time but since this did not work out, he wants to finish the movies at the earliest. That’s why he is lining up one movie after the other. Whenever Pawan is free, Venu Shriram is doing the shooting of Pink re-make at a rapid pace. On the other hand Pawan is also running for Krish’s film. When Krish accepts a film he completes it as early as possible. It does not matter if the movie is historic or commercial. It is already knows as to how fast he completed ‘Goutamiputra Shatakarni’ movie with Balakrishna. Krish also made a film in the Bollywood at the same rapid pace.

Now Krish is also making a film based on the historic story. However, for this movie, he needs very costly sets that is the sets of historic monuments.. Some sets are being created but this leading to waste of time. That’s why Krish is making little use of the sets. He is said to be relying on bluemats for the shooting. Krish is said to have fixed the target of completing Pawan movie in a short time and since there is no time for creating sets he is focusing on bluemats. Krish has no dearth of funds and that’s why he does not compromise on the quality. The movie team says that some scenes and shots in this film will be at pat with Hollywood movies.

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