Payal says she felt hurt

When we hear the name of Payal Rajput, immediately her bold acting comes to our mind. With her very first movie, she stole the sleep of the youth. This hot beauty is going to steal their sleep again. She is set to become sensation again with her next movie ‘RDX Love’. If we see the promos which have been released, Payal looks more lethal. The trailer indicates that the film has some content. That’s why the expectations from this movie have gone up.

Payal Rajput, who is quite active on social media, was trolled for her bold posters and bold acting in ‘RDX Love’. In a recent interview she was asked how she feels to get trolled? She said she doesn’t care about this but admitted that sometime it hurts. She was asked if there was a moment when she felt hurt. She said few days ago a photograph came out from ‘Venkimama’ sets. A video was made that I behaved rudely with Venki. That video went viral. The truth is different. I was eating something when Venki garu wanted to hug. I felt that hugging at that time is not good and hence I shook hand from some distance. However, some people ran a campaign that I did something wrong.

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