Prabhas falls in line after setback


Prabhas looked like a real king in the roles of Mahendra Baahubali and Amarendra Baahubali in the movie ‘Baahubali’. Everyone said hats-off to Prabhas’ makeover in ‘Baahubali’. He looked really powerful warrior on screen. Subsequently, for ‘Saaho’ he spent a month in the US to lose the extra weight. However, he could not shed much weight.

Since the launch of ‘Saaho’ to its release he looked somewhat lean but later he put on weight. There have been many comments about Prabhas’ looks in ‘Saaho’. Though he looked good in romantic scenes, he appeared to be facing problem with heavy weight in some other scenes. With right makeup, Prabhas was shown lean in ‘Saaho’. That’s why there have been many comments in the social media about his looks in this movie.

This time Prabhas is said to have decided to lose more weight for Radhakrishna (John). This film has already completed couple of schedules. In this movie Prabhas will be seen more as a lover in romantic scenes. That’s why there is a talk that he is taking lot of care about his looks. Prabhas is not only following the diet but is also working hard in the gym with workouts. Prabhas is said to be getting ready to give strong reply to the comments made about his looks in ‘Saaho’.

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