Prudhvi now cursing politics


At the time of previous elections Prudhvi Raj jumped to YSRCP and slammed cinema personalities publicly. 30 years Prudhvi Raj entered politics in the hope of proving himself. Now he is criticizing politics and trying to befriend film industry people. As SVBC chairman in Tirupati he lashed out at film personalities. He said that no leading film personality called on Jagan as they did not want him to become the CM. He even threatened to do something to the film personalities. Now after reducing to zero in the politics, he realized the importance of film industry people. Finally movies became Prudhvi’s fate.

After resigning as SVBC chairman due to the allegations, he started going to any YouTube channel who called him to share his woes. He lamented that he became a sacrificial goat because of politics. He alleged that his own party leaders sacrificed him. Prudhvi said he submitted his resignation on the direction of Subba Reddy but Jagan did not ask him to resign. He praised the film industry elder Chiranjeevi. He said he is alive because of Chiru and his family is also alive because of Chiru. Prudhvi, who was so far flying high because of politics, now appears to be in a position where he is ready to touch the feet of others for chances to work in films.

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