Puri, Charmi shock everyone

It appears that Puri and Charmi have not yet come out of ‘iSmart Shankar’ hangover. It looks they are still in the same kick. With ‘iSmart Shankar’ becoming hit, Puri is doing his next movie with Vijay Devarkonda. He is currently busy in identifying locations for the film. Similarly, Puri has also queued up movies with ‘KGF’ hero Yash and darling Prabhas. In fact Puri does not like to sit idle.

If we keep this aside, Puri and Charmi suddenly appeared with two new cars. They shocked all by posing with the luxury cars purchased by them. Puri is seen standing beside a gleaming Range Rover in silver colour. Just next to him Charmi is seen posing with sparkling white colour BMW 7 series. They said to have gifted these cars to each other. It is estimated that the two cars are valued at least Rs.1.50 crore to Rs.2 crore each. It is learnt that they purchased these cars from the profits earned by ‘iSmart Shankar’. Currently, their photo with cars is going viral.

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