Ram Charan’s look changed in last minute?

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Are mega fans unhappy over Ram-Charan Boyapati movie’s title and look released as Diwali gift? The answer appears to be yes. As being speculated for long, the title of RC12 has been decided as ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’. Mega fans have no problem with title but they are unhappy over Charan look. They have long been waiting for Ram Charan new movie look but on seeing Ram Charan in ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’ they were shocked.

They feel that there is nothing new in it. They are saying that Ram Charan’s look in ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’ is like Allu Arjun’s look in ‘Sarrainodu’. They believe that Boyapati designed Charan look without anything new. The news about RC12 title and Ram Charan class look being released on the occasion of Diwali was leaked to media. The entire media was waiting for Charan’s class look and finally they saw this look. Initially, Charan’s look was designed traditionally and systematically in tune with the title ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’.

Charan too had okayed the class look. But in the last minute ‘Vinaya Vidheya’ look was changed. Keeping the class look aside, Charan’s mass look was released. It is being said that Boyapati himself handled this issue. Instead of what was planned, he got Charan’s mass look ready. The reason for this was that the news of Charan’s traditional look being released as Diwali gift was leaked to media. By releasing mass look, he wanted to surprise all those waiting for class look. Those who saw the look said though it has Boyapati mark, there is nothing new in it. They feel that Charan’s mass look is not good. Fans are unable to digest this look of Charan, who was seen as Chittibabu in ‘Rangasthalam’.

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