Rashmika proves herself with simple looks

No matter which language a heroine comes from, if she displays her beauty and does glamour show, she will continue as heroine for 10 seasons. This is today’s talk. In the past the heroines used to get all the attraction by wearing sarees but today they show their beauty with glamour to floor the audience. We are living in times when audience wait as to how many fights a hero fight and how many glamour dresses a heroine wears in a movie. If somewhere heroines themselves back out to do glamour shows, they are mesmerizing all with their acting and gestures. The heroines who initially say no to glamour show gradually become habituated to glamour show.

In the latest instance, Kannada beauty Rashmika Mandanna became hit in Kannada movies with ‘Kirrik Party’ and made a simple entry in Telugu films with ‘Chalo’. In ‘Chalo’ movie she acted as a traditional girl who boozes, as a teenager  and as a lover. She has now done ‘Geetha Govindam’ with Vijay Devarkonda. Several heroines refused to work in this film but Rashmika accepted the offer. Audiences are saying that Rashmika has done a good thing by accepting this film. She has shown female ego in ‘Geetha Govindam’ Words like amazing beauty and gorgeous looks appear exaggerated but when you watch it, she has the magic not let you take off your eyes even once. She proved this with ‘Chalo’. She did the same magic in ‘Geetha Govindam’. Though the character is a bit naughty, she looks perfect choice as Geetha.

Rashmika’s acting in this movie matches Vijay’s acting. Rashmika has done well the emotional scenes. In the first half, she displays no emotions except anger. Rashmika has shown that beauty is enough to score a hit without a glamour show. This beauty has scored two successive hits in Tollywood with her simple looks and simple glamour. The audiences are keeping their fingers crossed as to how Rashmika’s career will take shape in Tollywood with these hits and whether she will get married now or not

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