Ready to do anything for craze

Pawan Kalyan may be zero in politics but has deadly craze in movies. That’s why a producer like Dil Raju is over the moon for one movie with Pawan. He is accepting all the conditions of Pawan. He is ready to accept anything for the sake of Pawan’s craze. Pawan is treating politics and movies as his two eyes. While it is not known which one will work out but he is creating flutter by shooting for the movie every morning and doing politics in the evening. He says there will be alliance with BJP if the capital is retained in Amaravati and then he does make-up for the role of lawyer saab in ‘Pink’ re-make.

Pawan Kalyan is said to have set aside one or two hours for shooting every day. Dil Raju, who often takes tough stand, accepted even this proposal for Pawan’s craze. ‘Pink’ remake is not yet completed but Pawan is said to have fixed January 27 as mahuratam for Krish movie. Pawan Kalyan is doing folk fiction movie with Krish and for this he has allotted only one hour. The film’s produce surrendered before Pawan’s conditions as if he is doing a favour by working in the movie. It is said that Pawan-Krish movie will be going on to the sets silently. Besides ‘Pink’ re-make Pawan Kalyan will also be completing Krish movie.

Producers are not saying no to Pawan as they want to use his craze.

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