Regina reacts on sex racket

Regina Cassandra

For last few days, Tollywood heroine Regina’s name is doing rounds on social media in connection with the sex racket in the United States. At last Regina has reacted over this. She condemned the reports linking her to the racket and said she should not be dragged into issues she has no links with. She said she did not react so far as she felt why should she unnecessarily respond to every issue.

She suggested that before talking about somebody, one should cross check the facts.. She said that it is painful that she is being dragged into America sex racket, an issue with which she has no connection. She said all facts should be collected before speaking anything. Regina said if necessary she would respond to all questions being asked.

With the busting of sex racket in the US, the names of many heroines came out. It is known to all that in the name of cultural programmes, Tollywood heroines are being taken there and used for prostitution. The main conspirator is a person called Kishan Modugumudi

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