Remuneration Rs.60 crore, film budget Rs.20 crore

Mahesh babu

Mahesh’s ‘Maharshi’ movie was released last Thursday. Even before the talk about the movie could end, Mahesh will be launching his 26th movie with blockbuster director Anil Ravipudi. According to reports Anil Ravipudi-Mahesh Babu movie will be launched after second week of June. After ‘Maharshi’ hit and success celebrations, Mahesh plans to go on a foreign trip with family for 10 days and after his return he will start working on the film with Anil. It is said that for this movie to be made as a comedy entertainer, Mahesh will get Rs.50 crore remuneration.

However, after ‘F2’ blockbuster hit, Anil Ravipudi’s demand has also gone up. Anil Ravipudi, who got average remuneration for movies like ‘Supreme’, ‘Patas’, ‘Raja the great’ and even ‘F2” will be charging a whopping Rs.10 crore for movie with Mahesh. Since the combined remuneration of Mahesh and Anil is Rs.60 crore, the producers plan to complete the movie within a budget of Rs.20 crore. According to latest news, for Anil Ravipudi’s story there is no need for having an unlimited budget. Whatever may be Mahesh’s demand, Rs.20 crore will be enough for making a film with Anil Ravipudi’s story. Initially it was said Dil Raju will be the producer of this movie but now the word is that Dil Raju has opted out of this project. This movie in Anil-Mahesh combination will be made with a budget of Rs.80 crore. As it has become clear with ‘Bharat Ane Nenu’ and ‘Maharshi’ that Mahesh’s movies will definitely do Rs.100 crore business, Mahesh is getting such a huge remuneration for this movie.

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