Roja here, Nagababu there

It has been a long wait for Roja for another judge in ‘Jabardast’. After Nagababu left ‘Jabardast’ the show was witnessing a new judge every week and Roja is still waiting for a permanent judge. Meanwhile, Nagababu who launched a verbal attack on the issue of his leaving ‘Jabardast’ has made an impressive entry as the judge for ‘Adirindi’ programme on Zee Telugu.

However, ‘Adirindi’ show with Nagababu as the judge is a copy of ‘Jabardast’ being shown on ETV. Social media users are trolling ‘Adirindi’ for being copy paste of ‘Jabardast’. Just like in ‘Jabardast’ the show on Zee Telugu also has a hot anchor, two judges, 5-6 skits, four team leaders and remaining comedians.

After Nagababu left ‘Jabardast’ Roja is waiting for a permanent judge. In the same manner Nagababu is also waiting for another judge in ‘Adirindi’. For ‘Adirindi’ opening Niharika was the special guest and she was sitting next to Nagababu. In the subsequent week, some other will sit next to Nagababu. Young heroes are coming to ‘Jabardast’ for promotion of their movies. Young hero Raj Tarun also came to ‘Adirindi’ show for promotion of his film ‘Iddari Lokam Okate’ and performed in RP skit. Heroes like Nikhil and Karthikeya are coming as guests in ‘Jabardast’ to promote their films and take part in skits. In ‘Jabardast’ likes of Dhanraj, Venu, Chammak Chandra and RP are doing skits as the team leaders.

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