Sexual harassment on debut

The hot topic across India is ‘MeToo’. Several heroines in Bollywood said that they became victims of sexual harassment. In Tollywood too, every day a heroine is coming out to say that she was also sexually harassed. Recently, Manchu Lakshmi also declared that she was sexually harassed. Hot beauty Payal Rajupt is the latest addition to this list.

Casting couch is true

This kissing star who stole young hearts with recent superhit ‘RX 100’ has reacted to ‘MeToo’ movement and admitted that casting couch exist in Tollywood. She says that even after establishing herself as an actress this devil is not leaving her.

She controlled herself

During an interview she said that in the first film she did some bold acting but all thought her to be like that. A man met her to offer her a role in a movie. He directly asked her if he gives her an offer what will he get in return. She said she was shocked over that question. She felt like slapping him but controlled herself. She told him clearly that she got recognition in Tollywood because of her talent and not because of kissing scenes. She rejected her offer and came back.

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