She will change for sake of her lover


It is an undeniable fact that Nayanthara is the top heroine. Nayanthara is a big gun in movies but this beauty has arrogance. Call it arrogance or sentiment, Nayanthara acts in films but doesn’t attend promotions. Producers and directors run after her but later complain that Nayanthara is not coming to promotions of their movies. Still Nayanthara does not respond. She does not come to promotion even if it is a movie with superstar Rajinikanth. No matter who says what Nayanthara will not change. This is decided.

However, it is being said that Nayanthara will change for the movie her lover is making with her. Nayanathara and Samantha are the heroines in the movie being directed by Nayanthara’s lover Vignesh Shivan. Samantha strongly commits herself to film shooting and equally to the promotions. Nayanthara is not like her but it is being said that she will definitely attend the promotion of Vignesh movie. Vignesh is making ‘Kaathy Vaakula Rendu Kaadhal’ as a crazy movie in Vijay Sethupathi,Nayanthara and Samantha combination. The movie’s craze has gone up with Nayanthara-Samantha war teaser. It is being said that if the movie has to be at the top level, Nayanthara will also have to aggressively promote it.

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