Shivagami disappoints audience

Tollywood’s most famous director Rajamouli made magnum opus ‘Baahubali’ after five years of hard work. As a result of hard work from director to technicians and hero to character artists, everybody got name and fame. All the characters in this movie were strong because Rajamouli wrote it like that. Actors acted brilliantly in line with the roles given to them and that’s the reason the film became such a huge hit. As Shivagami in ‘Baahubali’, Ramya Krishna made re-entry into Tollywood and gave an amazing performance. Initially Sridevi was considered for the role of Shivagami but Rajamouli unexpectedly gave this role to Ramya Krishna and as Shivagami she proved her mettle. With famous dialogue ‘This is my order and my order is the rule’ Ramya Krishna impressed as powerful queen. With her re-entry Rajamouli gave a good character artist to Tollywood.

However, after ‘Baahubali’ Ramya Krishna did not have any hit to her credit. She was seen in two three movies but now in ‘Sailaja Reddy Alludu’ she is seen as a powerful mother-in-law. Ramya Krishna impressed as Shivagami in ‘Baahubali’ but in ‘Sailaja Reddy Alludu’ she failed to make a mark. After watching the trailers there were expectations that Ramya Krishna will rock as mother-in-law. Director Maruthi weakened Sailaja Reddy’s character. The audiences were disappointed. They had gone to theatres with high expectations from Ramya Krishna role but while coming out they were seen whispering which indicates that they did not like her character. As brand ambassador of ego, suffering from problems faced by women, looking down at men and not caring even her husband (Naresh), Sailaja Reddy looks impressive but her character appears weak. Though ‘Sailaja Reddy Alludu’ got average response, it is somewhat minus for Ramya Krishna. Audience, who were expecting a powerful performance like Shivagami in ‘Baahubali’, were disappointed and how much they were disappointed can be felt if one sees Ramya krishna in the role of Sailaja Reddy in ‘Sailaja Reddy Alludu’.

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