Sri Reddy’s comments on Rakul

Currently #MeToo movement is running across India. Several film actors are reacting on #MeToo movement in social media. Every day at least one actor is adding to this list. Now another Tollywood actress has entered this movement. For last few months actress Sri Reddy had been making such allegations of sexual harassment against some eminent personalities of Tollywood. Sri Reddy has reacted strongly to Rakul’s comments that such a thing never happened in Telugu film industry and that she never had this experience. With this a war of words broke out between the two.

Earlier too Sri Reddy had given a counter to Rakul’s comments. Now she has once again made some indirect comments against her. This row has been going on for a long time. But now some women’s organizations are saying that such a movement across the country should be welcomed. It remains to be seen how far this movement will go.

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