Story behind ‘2.0’s 600 Crores budget

If a director like Rajmouli makes a film over the years, the film will have the strength to go beyond the country’s border. That’s why even if such directors make the films slowly, the popularity of such films doesn’t go down. In South, director Shankar has the specialty of making big budget films. Shankar also makes his films slowly over the years. Producers who work with Shankar also believe that the budget he fixes creates a buzz about the movie and expectations from it will be high. They also believe that such a film bring them only profit no loss. Shankar’s latest movie ‘2.0’ was not only on sets for years but its budget was an incredible Rs.600 crore.

Initially the budget was Rs.400 but finally it went up to Rs.600 crore. One can imagine how grand will be the movie. Why the film’s budget went up to Rs.600 crore is becoming clear with the new facts coming to light. Due to his previous movies failing at the box-office, Shankar is said to have taken precautions in making this film. That’s why there is talk that he thrice changed the story of ‘2.0’. Because of changes in the story, there were many reshoots. Even the film’s music director A R Rahman is said to have done re-recording thrice.

This means after completing once scene, its editing and CG was over, it was re-recorded and after doing all this it was replaced with another scene. One can understand how Shankar had to work hard for new scenes and also the delay it resulted in. The cost of making the movie will be naturally huge if the story is changed thrice and reshooting is done. Shankar kept updating the story, necessitating re-shoots. With the changes in story, re-recording also had to be changed and all this led to this incredible budget for ‘2.0’. Even the VFX had to be re-done. Thus the expenditure became a huge burden on Lyca Productions.

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