‘Sye Raa’ getting trimmed after ‘Saaho’ experience

Megastar Chiranjeevi

Run time is also a reason for the failure of ‘Saaho’ movie. If the run time is three hours, the story should also be strong. If the audiences feel bored at any stage, it will have its effect on the film’s result. If we take a look at the movies with a duration of three hours, there are more failures than success. That’s why ‘Sye Raa’ team is taking all precautions in this matter.

Besides Telugu, this movie is being released in Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam languages. That’s why to tap those markets it is important to ensure that the audience do not feel bored at any point. That’s why efforts have been intensified to reduce the duration of ‘Sye Raa’. The team is said to be taking care to ensure that fight sequences shot with big expenditure and scenes made with huge casting do not look slow. To achieve this, such scenes are being trimmed. ‘Sye Raa’ team feels that run time should be reduced to the maximum extent possible. ‘Sye Raa’ being made with all precautions will be released on October 2. We have to wait and see the result.

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