Sye Raa may take Bollywood by storm

Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy

Tollywood movies are now getting ready to be released across India. Especially, these movies are being released to target Hindi market. Inspired by  Baahubali , Saaho  recently got average talk but it made profits in Bollywood. Thanks to Prabhas Baahubali craze, Saaho  got hit collections there.

Now  Sye Raa  made amid big hype is also likely to workout in Hindi. This has been indicated by the response the trailer of  Sye Raa  received. Sye Raa  Hindi trailer released along with Telugu version is getting record views. Ram Charan and team were anxious as they had no idea about the response  Sye Raa will get in Hindi but seeing the response to  Sye Raa  trailer their tension has eased. Sye Raa  trailer has proved how keen the Hindi audiences are about Sye Raa. Not just in Telugu but in all the languages, Sye Raa  has huge craze. One reason for this is Amitabh Bachhan acting in this movie. Moreover, the action scenes in the film are on par with Hollywood. Though Sye Raa received average talk, Bollywood audiences threw their weight behind the movie. Trade sources say that if  Sye Raa gets hit talk, the film is sure to break the records.

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