TDP-Congress friendship’s impact on NTR biopic

Political alignments are changing in Telugu states. TDP and Congress have come together and Chandrababu Naidu is once again trying to play a key role at the Centre. With the aim to unseat BJP from power at the Centre, Chandrababu Babu joined hands with Rahul Gandhi to take on TRS in Telangana. However, TDP’s alliance with Congress may have a huge impact on NTR biopic.

In the past when NTR formed TDP, Congress was in power at Centre and in state. At that time, NTR took Congress by its horns and hoisted the flag of the regional party in Andhra Pradesh. Since then, TDP and Congress have been engaged in war. In NTR biopic being made by Krish, this issue has been highlighted.

At that time NTR gave several slogans against Congress. He attacked family rule with his dialogues in his unique style. Those scenes and dialogues have been included in NTR biopic. Inside sources say now with the friendship between TDP and Congress, these dialogues will definitely be deleted. If these dialogues are retained then the same may be used by rival parties to target TDP and that’s why these dialogues are sure to be deleted.

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