That’s why I don’t give message: Teja

Kajal agrawal

Director Teja told a television channel in a recent exclusive interview that movies are just for entertainment and not for giving message. “I made the movie ‘Nijam’ with Mahesh Babu to give a message but what happened, we shot ourselves on hands and feet.” He said he will not do this mistake again. In his current movie ‘Sita’ Kajal is acting as the heroine and Bellamkonda Srinivas as hero. He said Kajal’s role in this movie is very aggressive.

Teja said in Ramayan, Sita is very soft but in my movie Kajal who is doing Sita’s role is very aggressive. He recalled that from the very first movie he has been showing women as strong characters in his films. He said the reason for doing another film with Kajal is that after hearing the story she liked it so much that she wanted to do this role and requested him not to take anybody else for this role. Teja said to shoot a scene he goes to any extent and if necessary he will even thrash. He also said that just like the political leaders who change parties, cinema people change every Friday.

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