These scenes to be added to ‘Maharshi’

Two-and-half hour movie itself will be too much to tolerate. If the movie is three-hour long one has to sit with great difficulty. If the movie has substance and grip on the story, one can sit for any duration. But if a movie with mixed response is three hour long, one gets frustrated. If the scenes are unnecessary, they bore you. It is known that ‘Maharshi’ movie released recently is nearly three hour long. Many people feel that the second half is very long. What will be the situation if some more scenes are added to such a movie? This is exactly what ‘Maharshi’ unit is trying to do.

It decided that this weekend or subsequent weekend some additional scenes will be added to ‘Maharshi’. In the movie, marriage ceremony of Mahesh takes place in Pooja’s house. It is said that this is 3 minute long scene. However, during editing it was deleted as it as felt that the duration is becoming long. Now that the film has received hit talk, Mahesh and team plans to add that scene. Moreover, that scene is said to be Mahesh’s favourite. Similarly, another scene between Mahesh and Naresh during the second half and one more scene of Mahesh talking to farmers will be added. When the film’s runtime is already long, adding more scenes to it is nothing but adventure.

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