This is the story of Charan-Boyapati movie

An action entertainer is being made in Ram Charan-Boyapati combination. There are reports that the title of this movie has been decided as ‘Vinay Vidhay Rama’ Currently its shooting is progressing briskly. According to the film unit members, the first look of this film will be released on Deepavali. In this context, the film’s story has also come out. This is exactly like the story of Chiranjeevi’s ‘Gang Leader’. If you remember ‘Gang Leader’ story you will understand it. ‘Gang Leader’ was the story of three brothers. Murali Mohan played eldest brother and Chiranjeevi played the youngest one. For some reasons villain kills Murali Mohan. Chiranjeevi was not aware of this. His friends know this but they hide it from him. How, Chiranjeevi comes to know of this and after coming to know, what he does is the remaining story.

Exactly same story

With the same story, Boyapati is making a film with Charan. In this movie the eldest brother (Prashant) is brutally killed by the villain gang. Second brother (Aryan Rajesh) knows this but he does not tell this to younger brother Charan. Finally, Charan comes to know of this. How he takes revenge on the enemies form the rest of the story. Then ‘Gang Leader’ was a super hit. On many occasions Charan had said that it would be good to remake the movie. Will this movie fulfill the wish?

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