Vamshi kills own chances

Mahesh babu

Mahesh Babu gave a chance to Vamshi Paidipalli with Maharishi movie. Though this film was not a commercial hit but the buyers did not suffer losses. They did not make any profit either. Still Mahesh Babu launched another movie with Vamshi Paidipalli. Trusting Mahesh, Vamshi Paidipalli stayed in Mahesh compound. He impressed Mahesh with story line but not with the full story. Ever since Maharishi movie was launched Vamshi Paidipalli was always seen with Mahesh. He enjoyed vacations with Mahesh and also went abroad with him to watch cricket matches. His family also came closer with Mahesh’s family. Vamshi’s daughter Aadya also became a friend of Mahesh’s daughter Sitara.

Vamshi showed full faith in Mahesh. Mahesh also officially announced a movie with Vamshi. Mahesh’s fans liked Vamshi’s filmmaking but did not like his involvement in the story. That’s why when Mahesh announced another film with Vamshi, his fans got worried. However, with Mahesh working out his decisions they calmed down. Though Mahesh and Vamshi Paidipalli are not responding to the reports about their movie, there is a strong buzz that the film has been put on hold. Vamshi has anyway said this. If Mahesh too says there will be clarity. Mahesh has left Vamshi in the lurch though he was trusting him. Mahesh will get another chance but what about Vamshi. Sukumar had a big hit and that’s why when Mahesh refused he persuaded Allu Arjun. However, Vamshi Paidipalli has no big hit on hand. Currently all star heroes are busy. In such a situation, Vamshi Paidipalli appears to have killed his own chances by trusting Mahesh.

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