Vijay becomes victim of anti-fans

Vijay Devakonda got huge popularity with just two movies. With this craze, Vijay started showing the attitude. Confident that he has rowdy fans on his side, he used to talk big on the stage. With the huge craze, Vijay made many fans but he also made equal number of anti-fans. These anti-fans are running a campaign against Vijay on the social media and trolling him. With Vijay Devarkonda’s over-action at the time of ‘Dear Comrade’ the anti-fans went after Vijay. Still Vijay who should have climbed down at the time of ‘World Famous Lover’ became more aggressive.

‘Dear Comrade’ is somewhat good but trolling by the anti-fans and the negative campaign against the movie put the film in the list of flop movies. Thus anti-fans succeeded. Recently in case of ‘World Famous Lover’ anti-fans caught Vijay red-handed. Though there was no craze for the movie, Friday morning and matinee shows were full for the sake of Vijay. However, with the movie getting negative feedback the evening shows turned deserted. Vijay’s anti-fans went berserk on the social media and killed ‘World Famous Lover’. As no one could have revived the dead movie, the shows on Saturday were very dull. This means even Vijay’s craze could not save the film. The film had entered with a big target but the week-end collections were pathetic. If this is the situation on the week-end there is no need to say what will be the fate of ‘World Famous Lover’ on week-days.

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