Vijay could not save buyers from losses

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Even if movies with Vijay Devarkonda as the hero do average talk, they record good collection. Even if there is a flop talk, the collections will be minimum. After turning producer and selling the movies with his craze, he is not washing his hands off. He is promoting the movies but if after all this the movies get flop talk, it becomes very difficult to run them. This is because in these films Vijay is not the hero but he is only the producer. The latest movie released under Vijay Devarkonda’s production ‘Meeku matrame chepta’ received flop talk. Despite the comedy, the movie proved a flop due to negative points. Even Vijay Devarkonda’s promotion could not save the movie.

First day looked okay and though it was thought that ‘Meeku matrame chepta’ will recover in the first week-end, this has not happened. Theatres which should have been teeming with audiences on week-end to watch ‘Meeku matrame chepta’ wore deserted look. The film which failed to prove itself in the week-end is sure to further weaken during week days. Though theatrical rights were sold for a lesser price, buyers appear to be suffering losses. The talk is that buyers who spent Rs.40 lakh to buy the film have not recovered even Rs.10 lakh. It is being said that in some areas, buyers may not get even minimum expenditure.

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