Vijayashanti to make a comeback in films

Coming in place of Sukumar, Anil Ravipudi got the chance to direct Mahesh for the first time. To be made in Mahesh-Anil combination, the film will be jointly produced by Anil Sunkara and Dil Raju. The film, which is currently in pre-production stage, will go on to the sets after the release of ‘Maharishi’.

Meanwhile, Rashmika has been finalized as one of the heroines for this film. They are in the process of finalizing another heroine. As per the latest information, Vijayashanti, who once established herself as the top heroine and as the lady superstar, will be playing a key role in this movie.

Vijayashanti who played heroine in the past, subsequently worked only in lady-oriented movies. Later she stayed away from films for nearly 15 years to completely focus on politics. Realising that she has no future in politics, she is to be once again focusing on films. That’s why she is said to have immediately accepted Anil’s offer. There are also speculations that Upendra will also be playing a special role in the movie. When Mahesh was a child actor, Vijayashanti had acted opposite Krishna in ‘Koduku Diddina Kapuram’.

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  1. Neeku chepindara politics lo future ledu ani…. mari alantappudu COngress campaign committee chairperson etta ayyindira. Atleast she have guts as she is degending both politics and cinema being a Female. Ladysuperstar onscreen n offscreen as well.

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