Was Ashwini Dutt sidelined?

Mahesh babu

PVP as the producer made ‘Oopiri’ movie with Vamshi Paidipally. Though the film was hit, it did not yield profits. The producer also did not suffer the losses. Now, PVP, Dil Raju and Ashwini Dutt together made ‘Maharshi’ on a grand scale under the direction of Vamshi Paidipally. The film is racing ahead with hit collections. However, since the beginning of the movie to the last day of business, there have been trouble between Ashwini Dutt and Dil Raju. PVP remained silent without raising a finger between Dil Raju and Ashwini Dutt. There were reports that Ashwini Dutt got Rs.7 crore as profit and he left Dil Raju batch.

The latest is that PVP and Dil Raju are together planning a movie again with Vamshi Paidipally. It is said that when Vamshi narrated them the script and they decided to do another movie with him. News already started doing rounds that there will be another movie in combination of PVP, Dil Raju and Vamshi Paidipally. During the making of ‘Maharshi’ the talks for another film were held and for this PVP and Dil Raju said to have paid Rs.3 crore as advance to Vamshi Paidipally to book him. There is also a talk in film circles that this time Dil Raju and PVP ensured that Ashwini Dutt did not enter the deal. The hero for the movie will be decided by Dil Raju depending on the script to be written by Vamshi Paidipally. If Vamshi comes out with another good script, he may again get big producers.

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