What happened when Sukumar met Mahesh?

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It is known to all that differences have cropped up between superstar Mahesh Babu and Sukumar. Sukumar, who was supposed to do a film with Mahesh, suddenly announced a film with Allu Arjun and hurt over this Mahesh cancelled the film. However, Sukumar is said to have gone to ‘Maharishi’ sets and gave his version. Sukumar reportedly told Mahesh that announcing movie with Allu Arjun without informing him was a mistake and he realized it. Sukumar also made it clear that he did not do this to belittle him. Sukumar said to have met Mahesh to ensure that this dispute between them does not snowball into a major issue.

Sukumar, however, did not like media writing all stories about him. It was reported that the fault lies with Sukumar and that he requested Mahesh to give him another chance. After reading all these stories, he felt bad that they are all thinking only from hero’s point of view and they are not giving him minimum courtesy of being a star director.

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