What will happen to Chammak Chandra if Nagababu leaves

While leaving ‘Jabardast’ Nagababu also invited Hyper Aadi, Sudigali Sudheer, Chammak Chandra, RP and even anchor Anasuya to another channel. However, Aadi and Sudheer because of their agreement with Mallemala or due to their attachment with ‘Jabardast’ refused to go with him. Even Anasuya did not leave. Chammak Chandra and RP both went to ‘Adirindi’ programme with Nagababu.

There was a talk that tempted by higher remuneration, Chandra quit ‘Jabardast’. However, Chandra said he left the show on an invitation from Nagababu. He also said that he had to come out of ‘Jabardast’ due to Nithin and Bharat. Thus Chandra quit ‘Jabardast’ by believing in Nagababu. Now Mallemala is giving sleepless nights to Nagababu, who is unhappy with the ratings for ‘Adirindi’ programme. By showing old ‘Jabardast’ skits including the skits with Nagababu as the judge, Mallamala is shaking ‘Adirindi’. There is a talk that owning moral responsibility for ‘Adirindi’ not getting good rating, Nagababu is not only planning to leave ‘Adirindi’ but is also thinking of distancing himself from television shows for some time. If Nagababu leaves, this will definitely be unjust to Chammak Chandra and Kirak RP. This is because Chandra and RP left ‘Jabardast’ for Nagababu, Nitin and Bharat. If they leave ‘Adirindi’ they are unsure of getting another chance in ‘Jabardast’.

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