When will Mahesh counter him?

Mahesh Babu

Puri Jagannadh’s comments about Mahesh Babu have now become talk of the industry. He had said “ Mahesh Babu does movies only with hit directors. If I score a hit and he wants to work with me, I should also have the character.” Why Puri Jagannadh is so hurt by Mahesh.

In fact Puri had no hits before Mahesh ‘Pokiri’ and ‘Businessman’. However, Mahesh called him and gave more offers. Then why Puri Jagannadh said this about Mahesh is something which is beyond the understanding of Mahesh’s fans. Moreover, it is significant to note that Puri said he like Mahesh’s fans more than Mahesh.

This issue may reach Mahesh. If it reaches, we have to see how he responds. Mahesh Babu may also plan to give a counter to this. This is because these days Mahesh is unable to hide what is there in his heart. It may be recalled that recently at ‘Maharishi’ event Mahesh while referring to Sukumar issue indirectly taunted him. Mahesh’s friends say similarly he may indirectly attack Puri.

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