Why Karan is dying for Vijay

Vijay Devarakonda Taxiwala

While it is not known who in the Tollywood used Vijay Devarkonda’s craze but in Bollywood Karan Johar is dying for Vijay devarkonda’s craze. It is known that Karan Johar who is a big producer in Bollywood does not leave anybody having talent and craze but falling for Vijay Devarkonda’s craze in this manner and reposing huge faith in him is somewhat unthinkable. However, Vijay Devarkonda is reaping the harvest. Karan Johar is the reason for making the movie with Puri a pan India film. With confidence in Vijay, he made it a pan India film. There are reports doing round in Bollywood film circles that Karan is making a master plan to ensure that no one else get Vijay’s craze.

As part of this Karan is said to be signing a deal for a movie with Vijay Devarkonda every year. He is said to be discussing a deal under which Vijay Devarkonda will do a Bollywood movie every year. There are also speculations that Karan made Rs.100 crore offer to Vijay Devarkonda. No matter how many films Vijay Devarkonda may have on hand in Telugu, whenever Karan calls him to Bollywood he will have to go and okay the film with him. Karan is said to have told Vijay that if he does this he will get Rs.100 crore every year. Karan has decided to use Vijay Devarkonda’s craze nation-wide and that’s why he placed the huge deal before Vijay. Why will Vijay not accept Rs.100 crore deal. He will definitely grab it.

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