Why Nag looked serious?

big boss

Big Boss from Monday to Friday will be different from the show on Saturday and Sunday. This is because on Saturday and Sunday, whoever is the host reviews the behavior of house members during the entire week, gives advise and sort out the problems. Everybody knows that Nagarjuna is the host in season 3. Last Saturday Nag came to the show in a serious mode.

The entry song for him was also stopped in the middle and the artists were sent away. Without any delay Nag entered the house. Based on the behavior of the house members, Nag gave them stern warning. He especially pulled up Srimukhi, Mahesh Vitta and Punarnavi. For the first time in season 3 Nag looked serious. Within no time Nag brought everyone in fun mood. Since Sunday is anyway a fun day, he interacted with all and at the elimination time sent out Shilpa Chakraborty. As being predicted from the beginning, last week Shilpa was eliminated.

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