Why Prabhas is scared?


As Prabhas said Saaho’s time has come. In another three weeks ‘Saaho’ will be released world-wide. The film starring Prabhas-Sharaddha Kapoor as the lead pair has been directed by young director Sujeeth. He has directed the movie in a way to ensure that every scene looks rich. Currently the film unit is busy with the post-production and promotion. The film’s release in various languages and the plan to release the movie on the first day in 7,000 screens in India alone looks plus point but there is a big danger lurking. That is piracy.

Whatever may be the movie, piracy has become common these days. Despite several steps and laws, the piracy devil could not be controlled. Moreover many precautions have to be taken for big movies like these. Prabhas said in an interview that about Rs.350 crore were spent on this film. This film will be released in distant places across the world. These days due to increase in use of technology, the activities of those indulging in piracy have also gone up. In such a situation if one print is leaked in some corner will be enough for them to link it to all languages. What precautions ‘Saaho’ film unit will take is the question in every mind. The fact is Prabhas and the entire team is gripped by the fear of piracy.

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