Why this bad time Raja?

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Last year, the disasters which Ravi Teja had did not come into the share of anybody else. He received setbacks with movies like ‘Nela Ticket’ and ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’. He began ‘Disco Raja’ movie with V I Anand but it has not yet gone for regular shooting. Actor and actresses for ‘Disco Raja’ have been finalized. However, due to repairs in the story, this film has not yet gone for regular shooting. Meanwhile, Ravi Teja thought of launching Tamil movie ‘Theri’ remake with Santosh Srinivas. There are reports that ‘Kanaka Durga’ has been decided as the title of this movie.

Recently there was a talk in Filmnagar that ‘Theri’ remake has been stopped. In fact, more than the bad time of Ravi Teja, it is the misfortune of Santosh Srinivas. This is because Santosh thought of making ‘Theri’ remake with Pawan Kalyan but the latter became busy with the politics. He planned to do the remake with Ravi Teja but it appears this also may not happen. There are reports that ‘Theri’ will not be made as it is and hence to take the script closer to Telugu audience, some changes were made. It was to go on to the sets on 15th of this month. However, there are no signs of ‘Theri’ remake going on the sets. There are reports that Mythri Movies is responsible for this. There is a talk that Mythri Movies deliberately kept this project aside as it feels that if a film which was made long ago is remade now it will not work out.

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