Will it be better than Magadheera?

The shooting of action entertainer being made in the combination of Ram Charan and Boyapati for the first time, is currently on in new locations in Azerbaijan. Kiara Advani is the heroine in this film, in which Boyapati is said to be presenting Ram Charan as a pure mass hero. In the films directed by Boyapati so far, heroism was highlighted. Boyapati is a director who brilliantly elevates hero’s heroism. He is also a director who brings revenge, anger, rage and energy levels out of heroes. Now, like in every film, Boyapati is going to portray Ram Charan’s heroism.

It is being said that most of the scenes of to be shot in Azerbaijan are action episodes. These action episodes will be crucial for the movie. There are reports that the shooting in Azerbaijan will continue non-stop for 25 days and only action scenes will be filmed. For one action episode and lead scenes for this action episode, the film unit has gone to a distant country for new locations. Boyapati is said to have worked very hard for this action episode and that he is going to film the action episodes in this film at par with the action episodes in Ram Charan’s ‘Magadheera’.

In Ram Charan’s career, film ‘Magadheera’ and action scenes in it became very popular. Boyapati is making an action episode better than this. There is talk that he is shooting the scenes in a valley between two hills. It is being said that this film has four action episodes and that the four action scenes in four different styles will be loved by mega fans. Producers of Charan-Boyapati film are planning to release it as Sankranti gift to the audience

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