Will Naga Babu factor impact NTR biopic?

It appears mega hero Nagababu will not spare Balakrishna easily. He posted on social media things like who is Balakrishna I don’t know, blood and breed. Going by Nagababu’s negative comments on biopic, he appears in no mood to leave Balayya. Nagababu was not scared even after facing the protest from Balakrishna’s fans. He continues to post comment one, comment two on the social media targeting Balakrishna. Under comment one he posted ‘you may say anything targeting mega heroes but when we say it is wrong. After forming government with the help of Pawan Kalyan you are now saying who is Pawan Kalyan. Shall we keep quiet.’ In the latest comments he referred to Balakrishna’s remark ‘we are heroes. We don’t make anybody hero. We are superstars’. This is how Naga Babu replied ‘You need not make anybody a hero. One becomes hero if people see and like him. You are not the only superstar. In the industry how can one call himself a superstar. Can’t we counter what you say? Why can’t. Let us see? Are you the only superstar. Are you the only hero. Is Pawan Kalyan not a hero. You are not the only superstar in the industry. There are many like Mahesh Babu, Junior NTR, superstar Krishna, Megastar and Pawan Kalyan. You are not only one.’ He posted a message asking Balakrishna to wait for the third comment.

Keeping this in view, Nandamuri fans are worried over the likely impact of all this on NTR biopic. The fans have the apprehension that with Naga Babu making comments one, two, three, four portraying Balayya in negative light, this may impact the movie. They are worried that even if NTR biopic Kathanaikudu gets good feedback, the film may suffer in terms of collections. In the past Naga Babu ignored the comments made by Balayya but this time he is reacting strongly to rip him apart. On the other hand Balakrishna is giving an impression that he is not bothered about all this and is currently busy with the promotion of NTR biopic. Let us see to what extent Naga Babu will have an impact on NTR Kathanaikudu.

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