Will Nagababu make a re-entry

It is a double whammy for Nagababu. He delivered a shocking punch to ‘Jabardast’ to go to another channel and became judge of another programme called ‘Adirindi’. However, ‘Adirindi’ show from the beginning has been giving him shocking punches. It was thought that ‘Adirindi’ rating will go up with every week but it has only gone down. Nagababu trying his best to show ‘Jabardast’ in poor light but ‘Adirindi’ did not get the hype. It is being said that Nagababu too started feeling that if he continues with ‘Adirindi’ he will lose whatever craze he has.

Zee Telugu is said to have started putting pressure on Nagababu and because of this he is having second thoughts. It is being speculated that owning moral responsibility, Nagababu may quit ‘Adirindi’ show. It is also being said that Nagababu may once again make entry into ‘Jabardast’. This is because Getup Seenu has said that they are unable to accept anybody in Nagababu’s place and if he comes back they will be happy. With these talk Nagababu’s re-entry into ‘Jabardast’ looks certain. On the other hand, Nagababu is not only stating that Jana Sena’s alliance with BJP will be good for the party but is also claiming that we will come to power in 2024.

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