Will ‘Saaho’ live up to expectations?


After ‘Baahubali’ the plans of Prabhas changed completely. Prabhas who grossed highest collection from ‘Baahubali’ in India also planned his next movie as a country-wide movie. That’s why he got Sujeeth to make a national movie like ‘Saaho’. Sujeeth being a small director had to shoulder a big responsibility. They got producers who were ready to invest whatever money required. As the producers were ready to do whatever Prabhas wanted, ‘Saaho’ which began as a small film was today released as a nation-wide movie. Made with a huge budget the film hit the screens on Friday.

Though the film’s storyline is very small, the makers could make a complete movie with the magic of screenplay. It was said that if Bollywood actors are roped in, the film will get a huge craze. It was also believed that if stunt masters from Hollywood are hired, action sequences will be very attractive. That’s why ‘Saaho’ team did all that was possible. Sujeeth also left no stone unturned. However, it is being heard from the audience that the output is not to the level expected by ‘Saaho’ team. As being said from the beginning, there is an overdose of action. With more Bollywood stars, the film at many points gives a feeling of a dubbing movie. Songs and visuals look rich but they are not melodious to hear. There was confusion in screenplay and the storyline had no scope for comedy. We hear the talk that due to lack of comedy, audiences are feeling bored. With this talk, whether ‘Saaho’ will live up to the expectations or not is something we have to wait for some time.

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