Will ‘Vinaya Vidhaya Rama’ suffer setback ?

Vinaya Vidheya Rama telugu post telugu news

‘Vinaya Vidhaya Rama’ made as a pure mass entertainer in Ram Charan-Boyapati combination is going to be released in next few days. Despite complaints that there is over mass masala in teaser and trailers and despite concern among buyers, Boyapati did not change the route. He is looking to promote it as a mass movie.

vinaya vidheya rama telugu post telugu news

While deciding the title he planned to promote it as a family film like ‘Jaya Janaki Nayaka’. However, before releasing the teaser he changed his mind and started promoting it as mass movie. The film has more action elements and hence Boyapati decided to promote it just like what it is because the audience after watching the movie should not feel that the film is promoted as a family movie but it is something else.

Families don’t like to watch movies with family touch. Boyapati is releasing only action loaded posters. He released only two three family posters. However, there are no chances of any hype about the movie. Besides families, a section of audience may completely distance from the movie. The film may not have any problem in B and C centres but we will have to see the response in A centres.

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