With no movies, these heroines busy with photo shoots

Lavanya Tripathi

The situation of our Telugu heroines is such that if they do movies they work in a series of movie but otherwise they sit idle. Instead of wasting their time, they are making some money by doing photo shoots. Among them Pragya Jaiswal and Lavanya Tripathi are on the top. They currently have no movies in their hands and they are showing their glimpses through hot photos. They are making some money through this.

Pragya Jaiswal, who became popular with ‘Kanche’ movie, did not get the expected number of offers. She was not notices by star heroes. As a result of this she got offers for only small movies. Her previous movie ‘Achari America Yatra’ proved a disaster. Because of this she does not have any movies now.

Similar is the case of Lavanya Tripathi. This beauty, who made youth fall for her, however die not get stardom. It is quite surprising that for last two years, she had not a single commercial hit. She is currently doing only ‘Arjun Suravaram’ with Nikhil. She has no other film on hand. Even if the movie is a hit, it will be difficult for her to make a mark.

This list also has names like Hebba Patel and and Shalini Pandey. The debut movies of these heroines were hit but they did not get stardom. Since they also do not have movies in hand, they are whiling away their time through photo shoots. Besides them, some beauties like Praneeta and Priyanka Jawalkar have confined themselves to photo shoots as they have no films on hand.

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