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With Mahanati biopic proving a success in Tollywood, producers directors planned series of biopics. Among these, the most important is NTR biopic while another important is YSR biopic ‘Yatra’. Audiences in both Telugu states and NTR and YSR fans have lot of expectations from these movies. Director Krish is making NTR biopic in two parts Kathanaikudu and Mahanaikudu. ‘Yatra’ too has complete the shoot. YSR biopic is being made to target 2019 elections and to help YSRCP. ‘Yatra’ was to be released on coming Sunday that is on December 21 but the producer postponed the movie release.

The release of‘Yatra’which features Mammootty in YSR’s role was postponed so that it is released to compete with NTR biopic. Director Krish and hero Balakrishna shrewdly locked 2019 Sankranti for the release of NTR biopic Kathanaikudu. They also stated that Mahanaikudu will be released on January 24. There are reports that Mahanaikudu’s release postponed from January 24 to second week of February. ‘Yatra’ producers don’t want to sacrifice   the movie in Sankranti race and are planning to release it in second week of February to compete with Mahanaikudu.

According to latest information, though NTR biopic producers have locked February 7 as the date for the release of Mahanaikudu, ‘Yatra’ producers are making arrangements to release the movie on February 8. ‘Yatra’ shooting was completed some time ago but its producers wanted to release it as a competition to NTR biopics and that’s why they kept delaying‘Yatra’release date. When NTR biopic and ‘Yatra’ are released simultaneously in February, audience will decide which producer will have an upper hand and whether NTR becomes a hero or Rajasekhara Reddy become a hero.

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