ED’s hands on Revanth, one shot – too many birds

The Enforcement Directorate and the Income Tax officials have started raids on the houses and offices of Congress leader Revanth Reddy in Hyderabad. The officials are also searching the houses of Revanth’s friends and family members. This might take a day or two for the officials to finish and serve notices.

But, the big question now being debated across the two Telugu States is will the ED take the searches to the logical end or would leave it there at Revanth’s house. The ED’s eye on Revanth has its roots in the infamous Note for Vote case in which he was caught red-handed in 2015. He was caught carrying or perhaps displaying a bag said to be containing Rs 50 lakh. It was said that this Rs 50 lakh was the advance of the total Rs 5 crore promised to an independent MLA to vote in the MLC elections in Telangana. The MLA was offered to vote against the TRS and that was the case.

Now, if the ED wanted to know the source of this Rs 50 lakh only, then the case will go to two to three other names that are directly connected to the cash. It is said that Revanth had received a few crore of rupees in 2014-15 and the Rs 50 lakh was part of it. If so, then the ED would lay its hands on those who ever had sent the money to Revanth. Once that is done, the ED’s task ends there in finding the sources and holding their neck for proper accounting. There are IT officials closely following or being part of the ED searches. The sources would have to provide their accounts to the IT.

If the case ends here, then comes the role of the CBI to probe into the Rs 50 lakh deal and catch the persons involved in this deal. That would take the CBI to the door steps of AP chief minister Chandrababu Naidu, just basing on the voice heard on the video and audio tapes of the case. But, this would happen only if the CBI enters to take the case to the logical end.

Whatever the next move of the ED or CBI would be, it is like one shot and many birds for the BJP at the Centre. The big names linked to this case would have to slow down their political activity in the two Telugu states for the next elections. If that happens, then the chances of the TDP retaining power in the State get lowered and that’s what the BJP wants as of now.

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