Is Modi ready to split Mamatha’s party?

Is Prime Minister Narendra Modi is planning to dethrone West Bengal chief minister Mamatha Benerji after the elections? This question is being debated highly in the political circles as the country goes for the general elections and Modi seeking a second term now.

The Prime Minister, as part of his electioneering in West Bengal claimed that 40 MLAs from Mamatha’s Trinamool Congress are in touch with him and his Bharatiya Janata Party leadership. They would formally quit their party and join the BJP after this general elections, which would mean a big trouble for Mamatha Benerji, who is opposing the return of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister for second term.

In a 294-member Assembly, the ruling TMC has a strength of 213, followed by 42 for Congress, 26 for CPM, 3 for RSP, 2 for Forward Block, 3 for BJP and 1 for CPI, besides others. The BJP is now trying to gain an upper hand in West Bengal. Mamatha Benerji had wrest the state from the Communists in 2011 elections and is serving second term now. She is one of the strong opponents of the BJP, particularly Prime Minister Narendra Modi as Prime Minister.

Though the Opposition to Narendra Modi is divided, she is one of the aspirants for the top job, if an alternative to Narendra Modi is to be considered after this round of elections. As of now, she is aligned with Telugu Desam Party chief Chandrababu Naidu and others and is not averse to have a post-electoral alliance with other parties, including TRS of Telangana and YSR Congress of Andhra Pradesh.

As she is gearing up to challenge Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister had claimed that 40 MLAs from Mamatha Benerji are now in touch with the BJP. This would mean that the BJP and Prime Minister Modi are having bigger plans to unseat Mamatha Benerji once this round of general elections are completed.

It is to be seen how this plan to destabilise Mamatha work for the BJP.

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