Is Modi really scared of Alok Verma?

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The quick action by the Central government to remove Alok Kumar Verma as the CBI director indicates – the government’s fear of having him in the post . A day after the Supreme Court had reinstated Alok Verma as the CBI director, after he was asked to go on leave in the mid-night of October 23. He challenged the government’s decision in the apex court, which after three months, disapproved the government’s decision.

He took over the reins again but his powers were clipped as he was asked not to take any major decisions while in the seat. But, this too, was dismissed by the Narendra Modi government. The high power committee headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Leader of Opposition Mallikharjuna Kharge (Congress) and Supreme Court senior judge Justice A K Sikri took the decision removing Alok Verma from the CBI, though the Congress member strongly opposed it. With the two-member majority in the three-member committee, the Prime Minister could bulldoze his decision and sent Verma to the fire services department. Though chief justice of the Supreme Court was to be part of this committee, he had deputed Sikri to the meeting as the chief justice was part of the bench that had reinstated Verma as the CBI director.

It was something more personal for the Prime Minister to take action against Verma, who is also facing corruption charges levelled by the Chief Vigilance Commissioner. The CVC’s report had come handy for Modi to take a call on this crucial issue, bypassing the Supreme Court’s decision and ignoring the Leader of the Opposition’s resistance.

If this theory of the personal egos is kept aside for some time, the other reason for Modi to go such an aggressive way to see Alok Verma out of the CBI is his fear of Verma ordering CBI probe into the Rafale aircrafts deal. The Congress is firm on seeking CBI probe into the issue and Modi fears that Verma had become Rahul’s loyalist. It is for this reason that Modi wanted Verma to be out of the CBI and have his man M Nageswara Rao to head it temporarily. Nageswara Rao, a Telugu man , is believed as our man by the BJP leaders, particularly Narendra Modi and it is now to be seen what our man on the top job will do to favour the BJP ahead of the elections.

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